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The following video message from Secretary Donovan provides more information about the Affordable Care Act and its importance to the people HUD serves, HUD employees, and friends and family.

Helping the more than 48 million Americans who are currently uninsured has been a priority for President Obama. Many of those uninsured individuals are low-income Americans that rely on HUD services; that is why HUD committed to our mission of building strong and healthy communities across the country and promoting information about the Affordable Care Act with the people we serve.

The Affordable Care Act that President Obama signed into law in 2010 has – and will continue to go a long way in helping us achieve this mission and will benefit working families gain access to quality care, while strengthening their financial future.

Let’s all do our part to help build healthy communities, and share information with others and urge them to enroll at healthcare.gov – or by calling a hotline that is available in more than 140 languages at 1-800-318-2596.


Affordable Care Act

New Year, New Health Care

It’s a New Day: Millions of Americans now can find health insurance that’s there when they need it, and at a price they can afford. Before the law, Americans looking for coverage often came up empty-handed—they had few options, were denied health insurance, or simply couldn’t afford to buy it. But thanks to the new healthcare law, all of that is changing. Coverage is now accessible and affordable.  

It’s a New Day.

What does the Affordable Care Act do for you?

As of January 1, millions of Americans have new rights and protections:

  • No one can be denied coverage because of a preexisting condition like high blood pressure, diabetes, or asthma.  

  • No woman in this country can be charged more for coverage just because she’s a woman. 

  • No American will have to worry about being covered but being so sick that they reach an annual limit—and see their coverage run out when they need it most.

  • No American will ever have to worry about going without health coverage when they lose their job.

  • And there is more financial help for small businesses to cover their employees than ever before.

The Marketplace is a new way to get covered with affordable health insurance. You can see your options; find out if you qualify for lower costs or for Medicaid; and sign up for coverage all in one place.

How do you sign up for healthcare?

  • Online through HealthCare.gov where you can shop for coverage 24/7 from your kitchen table, living room, or anywhere you can access the internet.

  • Over the phone at our 24/7 call center: 1-800-318-2596.

  • In-person with local help in your community (localhelp.healthcare.gov)

  • With a paper application.

  • Directly through an issuer, agent, or broker.

Sign up today! If you need more time to compare your options and talk things over with your family, you still have time to find the plan that’s right for you. You can sign up for coverage through the Marketplace until March 31, 2014. And if you qualify for Medicaid, you can enroll at any time.


The Social Security Administration has informed us of the changes that are currently set to take place in 2014:

Beginning August 2014 Social Security field offices will no longer issue social security printouts.

Individuals who need proof of their Social Security number and cannot find their card will need to apply for a replacement card

Beginning October 2014, field offices will stop providing benefit verification letters, except in emergency situations. Benefit verifications are available on line and can be obtained anytime by registering for a my Social Security account at www.socialsecurity.gov/myaccount or requested through their national toll free number 1 (800) 772 1213.

Our resident center has computers available for all B.H.A. residents to use and a resident coordinator on site that will assist everyone. Public libraries also offer computers for non-residents of B.H.A.

If you have any questions or need additional information please contact our office at (985) 385-1546

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