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Below is a list of things that you can start preparing for now and during a hurricane warning.

1. Everyone needs to clean up their yards. All items that are no longer needed can be thrown away.

2. Please clean off both front and back porches.

3. If you have a shed, make sure that it is secured and tied down.

4. Get all important documents together and keep them in a portable box, so that if you evacuate you can take them with you.

5. Keep a supply of batteries and water on hand.

6. Make sure that you have all your medicines ready.

7. Keep your car fueled.

During a hurricane warning, we ask that you do the following:

1. Please call the office and let us know if you will be evacuting or if you will be staying here.

2. Make sure that all your items in your yard are picked up.

3. Make sure that your garbage can is pulled from the street and secure on your porch.

4. Make sure that all electric items in your house are unplugged in case of an electrical surge.

5. If the need arises, we will turn off the gas at the main meters.

When you return, please be prepared for all aspects. We may be out of utilities for awhile. You may need to clean up.

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