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fire prevent
  • Increase the frequency of property inspections by your maintenance staff.
  • During each inspection, make sure to check all electrical outlets for possible overloading in the living areas, bedrooms, porches, and balconies.
  • Check for any extension cords being used for portable heaters or any appliance that is a heavy user of electrical current.
  • Do not use extension cords on a permanent basis.
  • Do not overload wall outlets with too many appliances.
  • Check for taped or frayed extension cords being used to power portable appliances, Christmas trees, or special decorations.
  • During the holiday season, encourage residents to tum off Christmas tree lights while asleep.
  • Inform all residents to report any defective electrical switches, plug-ins, or wiring to the office.

slipping-and-falling Slip, trip and falls are your Housing Authority's Number One Loss Cause year after year after year from a liability standpoint. Let's be proactive rather than reactive because this type of claim can and should be prevented. Try these SAFETY TIPS at your properties. They really work:

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