2751 Fifth Street
P.O. Box 231,
Berwick, La. 70342

Office: (985) 385-1546    
Fax: (985) 385-5840

8:00am - 4pm
Closed 12pm - 1pm
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Seeking Housing?

  • Application process is currently closed........ +

    The Application process for the Berwick Housing Authority is currently closed.  No specific date of reopening the application process has been determined.  Please feel free to contact our office with any questions at it relates to public housing.   If you applied in August 2016 your application will remain active for 6 Read More
  • Rent Determination +

    The Berwick Housing Authority will calculate the rental payment based upon 30% of the adjusted monthly income of the individual or family members.   The Maximum Rent amount that can be paid for rental of a unit are as followed for each bedroom size: 0 Bedroom ----   $220.00 1 Bedroom Read More
  • Emergency Housing +

    Emergency housing is temporary shelter for individuals or families and provides food, shelter and assistance with clothing and transportation. Below is a partial list of these services. St Mary Outreach 608 First Street/ Suite 102 Morgan City , La985-385-0525 www.stmaryoutreach.org Chez Hope ---Crisis Hotline Number 1-800-331-5303 Women and Childrens ShelterP.O. Box Read More
  • Rental Units +

    The Berwick Housing Authority Development Sites   Louis Mahfouz Development 28 Units Read More
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Berwick Housing Authority is located near the Atchafalaya River across the river from Morgan City, LA. The Town of Berwick is the oldest settlement in St. Mary Parish with a population of about 4400 persons. The town is located near the Gulf on the Intercostals Waterway and is equidistant from the cities of New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Lafayette, LA.

Berwick Housing Authority has a total of 128 units in nine locations in the town, several of which are only a few units on scattered sites. The larger of the development contains 50 units on contiguous site, all of which are duplexes.

News & Press

Published on 06/28/2016, 20:32


With HURRICANE SEASON upon us, we would like to take this time to urge residents to prepare themselves and to take proper action. Make emergency plans, assemble disaster supplies, and listen for local radio and television weather forecasts.

Now is the time to make plans with your family. If we are ordered to evacuate, please LEAVE IMMEDIATELY to avoid being trapped by severe weather and/or heavy traffic. Follow evacuation routes announced by authorities. Tell others where you are going and make sure everyone knows where to meet and who to call in case you are separated.

If you are not required to evacuate, stay indoors during the Hurricane and away from windows. Listen to the radio and television for information and avoid using telephones except for serious emergencies.

Consider how you can help your neighbors who may need special assistance in times of emergency.
Keep important telephone numbers handy.

Attached is some...Read More

Published on 06/28/2016, 20:28


In case of a hurricane warning, please refer to your Louisiana storm Survival guide and make preparations. It is possible that you will be out of electricity for a few days. Being prepared will help you through this and keep you more comfortable.


1. Review the check list in the storm survival guide.

2. Gather Supplies.

3. Make sure your home is secure and all outside objects that could cause injury or damage during strong winds are stored inside.

4. If you own your own shed, make sure that it is secure and tied down. You are responsible for it and the contents.

5. Do not use candles or oil lanterns.

6. Tune into radio and TV stations for weather bulletins.

7. Keep your children inside of the home during the storm

8. Consider neighbors who may need your assistance. Disable or Elderly persons may depend on your help.

In case the office is close, we...Read More

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